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June 2 – 11, 2019

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Tour Rome with Dr. Phillip Chavez and See the Holiest Sites and Relics

You are invited by Dr. Chavez to an exclusive pilgrimage to Rome with visits to stunning countryside to the north & south. He will guide you to several ancient Roman sites, notable Christian places, and into private cloisters. Dr. Chavez spent many years in Rome and will take you through the City like a local. In this special group, you will experience far more than other tours, and travel to places for unique food and wine tasting in Tuscany, Umbria, and the Castelli Romani region! You will dine at some of the finest family-style restaurants, while enjoying outdoor seating in popular piazzas
In this pilgrimage, you will see and experience:

  • Be in an exclusive group and see over 2X what others see!
  • Visit breathtaking Italian towns and incredible countryside
  • Experience the amazing interior of Vatican City within its walls
  • Attend Audience and Angelus Address with Pope Francis
  • Be immersed in the architecture and history of ancient Rome
  • See several miraculous images & relics others rarely see
  • Enjoy fine dining & wine tasting in Rome and in 3 Provinces
  • Get private access into 5 or more cloisters of Saints
  • Personal guidance for your tour and shopping preferences
  • Receive custom photo album of your trip
          And much moreā€¦!

Get more VALUE than any other pilgrimage tour!

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